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Always Prepared

Tiled roofs are well known for their durability and long lifespan. With regular maintenance, your roof can last a lifetime. Trust  Glasgow roof maintenance for expert advice whether you require a new roof installed or corrective maintenance for your existing roof.

  • Replacing broken or damaged tile

  • Storm damage repairs

  • New roofs

  • Replacement or refurbishment after storm or accidental damage

Roof Repairs Glasgow

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles provide exceptional durability and longevity. They can be seen atop millions of properties right across Britain, in a staggering range of colors and profiles. Concrete tiles are popular not just for their strength and the visual variety on offer, but also their cost-effectiveness. They’re a great way to adorn the roof of any property, no matter your style or surroundings.

We work with leading brands to provide homeowners with a fantastic range of concrete tiles. These include Redland, Marley and Sandtoft. Each of these brands has decades of experience in crafting high-quality concrete roofing tiles using only the very best in materials and manufacturing. Each of their concrete roof tiles also conforms to rigorous British Standards.

So, whether you’re looking to replace the existing roof tiles on your property or in search of a beautiful roof for a new build, concrete tiles are an ideal solution. Simply choose from our broad range of brands, profiles, styles and colours to suit you.

Benefits of Concrete Tiles

The fact that concrete roof tiles are used on millions of properties across the globe isn’t a coincidence. Their massive popularity is due to their combination of durability, aesthetics, and cost. However, these roof tiles offer a number of other benefits for homeowners and tradespeople alike.

Choice of Styles

Few roofing materials offer a greater variety of styles, colours, and finishes as concrete roof tiles. This is thanks to their long history, and the influence of numerous European cultures over the centuries. Some of the most popular profiles introduced include the iconic double roman tile, minimalistic plain tile, detailed pantile and more.

Our concrete tile range is also available in a broad selection of colours. This means you’ll be able to pair your tiles with your property with ease. Our tiles are also available in both smooth and granular textured finishes.

Proven Durability

Marley, Redland and Sandtoft use only the highest-grade concrete to manufacture their roof tiles. In tandem with their proven manufacturing techniques, your roof will prove incredibly resistant to any damage. You can even expect these roof tiles to adorn your property for well over 60 years. They’ll also require minimal maintenance across that time, aside from occasional cleaning. In addition, any tiles that may become damaged are easy to replace thanks to the innovative interlocking design used by manufacturers.

Fully Compliant

Whether you’ll be installing your concrete tiles using a dry fix method or mortar, ensuring that you do so in line with British Standards is vital. Each of our concrete roof tiles goes through industry-leading testing to ensure their suitability. This includes the code of practice for slating and tiling, also referred to as BS 5534:2014. By using tiles that comply with this standard, you ensure the security, durability, and weather-tightness of your roof. 

Easy Installation 

Continued innovation in the design and manufacturing of concrete tiles has made them faster and easier to install as time has gone on. One revolution in roof tile installation was the interlocking mechanism, which allows tiles to click together, so achieving perfect alignment is a breeze. Not only will you be saving time and minimising disruption to family life, but labour costs will also be reduced due to fewer man hours being needed.

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