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Boat shed

New build boat shed slated using spanish 14x8 lobo with lead ridge

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Boat shed

New build boat shed slated using spanish 14x8 lobo with lead ridge

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Expert Service

Slated roofs are well known for their durability and long lifespan. With regular maintenance, your roof can last a lifetime. Trust  Glasgow roof maintenance for expert slating whether you require a new roof installed or corrective maintenance for your existing roof.

  • Replacing broken or damaged slates

  • Storm damage repairs

  • New roofs

  • Replacement or refurbishment after storm or accidental damage

Natural Slate

Spanish Slate

The import of Spanish slate has grown exponentially over the past few decades due to its combination of cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.


Similar to clay, natural slate offers a truly authentic look that cannot be replicated by manufacturers. For period projects, or properties that need to reflect the natural environment around them, a natural slate is usually the preferred choice. Its lifespan goes beyond both clay and concrete by some distance and has even been known to outlast the structure of the very buildings they have been placed upon. In terms of performance, natural slate does not fade or deteriorate over time, which is reflected in how long it will protect the roof structure. Another great advantage this type of slate offers is its low maintenance, which means very little ongoing effort will be needed to keep them in good working order.

How Long Do They Last?

The properties of natural slate mean that it is extremely durable against even the harshest of weather conditions, which guarantees an extremely long lifespan. It can last anywhere up to 150 years, although there have been many occasions where it has lasted far longer.

How Much Do They Cost?

This section is intended to provide you with an idea of the level of pricing for a natural slate which can range from approx: £1.03 to upwards of £2.00 per slate. To see the most up to date prices on individual products, follow the links below or visit our natural slates page.

Much will depend on the type of slate purchased and, of course, the quantity required, as bulk purchases can help bring down the overall unit cost. Some types of slate are higher quality than others and so will cost more, such as imported Spanish slate compared to man-made cement slate mimics.

To see example pricing for imported Spanish slate take a look at the SIGA 35 Natural slate and SIGA 114 Natural slate.

What is BS EN 12326?

This is the European Standard that states the performance levels and quality of slate tiles. There are two parts to these regulations which came in during 2004. First is BS EN 12326-1, which details product specification, and second is BS EN 12326-2, which illustrates the methods of testing used to demonstrate the quality of the materials.

Why Does Carbonate Content Matter?

When purchasing a natural slate, the manufacturer will detail how much carbonate content is found in the material itself. This is important because it reflects the quality of the slate you are purchasing. Slate with a high carbonate content, usually over 20%, can affect the color in the short term, turning lighter slate tiles darker once exposed to the elements.

SIGA 32 Spanish Slate

They supply four different brands in total: Excellence, Specification, Commercial, and Classic, with each recommended for use with specific types of build and project. The cost is higher for the more superior end of the range but this is balanced by less wastage being produced and shorter installation times


Cupa 3 Heavy Roofing Slate

ts extra thickness of 7-8 mm gives it the perfect strength to withstand Scottish weather while boosting the value of any property. A poor quality roof needs constant repair and maintenance, but when a good quality slate is used, not only the cost of re-roofing can be effectively discounted, but the repair and maintenance expenses during its lifetime are extremely low.

The use of Heavy 3 slates results in a low life cost.

UK NaturaRoofing Slate

UK Slate is proud of the extensive and sometimes exclusive range of Natural Roofing slate, including Welsh slateVermont slate and Westmorland Green.

Welsh Heather Blue

Welsh Heather Blue slate is produced by Welsh Slate and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality slate.

From its source near Bethesda in North Wales, The slate is available on any size and thickness specifications that can be tailored to the required aesthetics of each project. The Capital Grade, as the name suggests, is generally but not exclusively used in the South East of the country, where the very flat and thin 5.5mm nominal thickness is desirable to match what has been historically used on many of the prestigious buildings of London’s skyline. The County grade at 7mm nominal thickness and the Celtic grade at 9mm are usually preferred further North where buildings are suited to a thicker more pronounced look on the roof.

Westmorland Green

Westmorland Green Natural slate….. a hundred times older than mankind and a material that has been quarried for over 400 years to create stunning and weathertight roof coverings.

Westmorland Green slate provides an exquisite finish to any home, new or refurbished. It is quintessentially British and speaks permanence, consideration, and quality. The perfect medium for creating fascinating and striking roofscapes of distinction. The distinctive green color is created from the metamorphosed volcanic ash of the Borrowdale Volcanic group of mountains in the heart of the Lake District. These deposits contain chlorides which impart a beautiful green color.

Burlington Blue Grey

Burlington Blue Grey Slate has been quarried in the English Lake District for more than 300 Years from slate deposits formed during the Silurian Period, over 330 million years ago. The current company was formed in 1843 by consolidating several independent smaller operations into the world-renowned company of today.